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The work to carry is the field that more extensive, special knowledge and the skill are needed depending on a thing to carry and the purpose, other than the general forwarding duties. If dismantling and assembling work, carrying in and out work and packing work include in this work, there is each best way, and infinite correspondence ability is necessary.
We are more than happy to accept all kinds of special order transport such as TV camera transport for 2014FIFA World Cup Brazil, a racing car and a special vehicle, a flight simulator or semiconductor production device,music performance and exhibition. We think that the reason why the small company like us can have trust from customers is because our customers evaluate ideal height of the work that each staff aims for entirely.
We are a company that belongs to so-called distribution industry.
The range of the distribution industry is wide, and transport,warehouse, customs clearance, sea and air transport, home delivery and mail are included in the distribution industry. Also, taxi,railroad and airplane necessary to travel foreign countries are included in this distribution industry, too.
Needless to say, inside and outside the country does not matter. Logistics in other words can mean the supply system of supplies and soldiers so-called supply trains in the wartime. Thus, the distribution industry is obviously an essential industry and is an important pillar supporting the world economic infrastructure, and I believe that the distribution industry has an infinite field.
In late years various technical innovation and sense of values changes are remarkable in every industry.
Particulary, physical laws seem like being already useless in the field of information industry However, there is little innovation in the distribution industry, and it is reality not to have possibilities of new invention. That is to say, physical distribution is always bound to a real object, distance and time.
We feel big charm for this supper analog work, and we think that this super analog work seems to be connected directly with life and work of people, and this is connected with life itself in exaggerated words.
Once, leaders of the distribution industry understood that the size of this distribution industry would be like this, and they poured their power into the expansion. It is the request of the era, and played enough roles in social development. It is surely a splendid ideal to totally set up the network such as the blood vessel(vein) around every corner on the earth.
I think that it is natural for a strategy of the business to try to get monopolistic business by recruting many people and freight to the infrastructure, after maintaining own distribution infrastructure.
So, what we are thinking is that we want to give priority to the demand of a little individual case, individual freight and a characteristic and individual hope and circumstances. I want to idealize the form that this puts together in a demand of the work, not putting the work of customers on the infrastructure prepared by us.
For example, in case supply trains are made, the best logistics must be picked up among the conditions of the battle front and the distance, the kind of resouces and supplies, the topography and a climate, transport means and the transport capacity, and all other possible conditions. And it means that the answers are always different.
In order to pick up the best answer, I think that extensive knowledge, abundant experience, an excellent skill, analytical ability, judgement ability, applied power, and creative energy of persons concerned are required.
Out staff wish to help our customers with a high goal.
Shiro Ogawa

Outline of Our Company

We, Towa Air Transport System Limited that is one of Houei Group Companies (ForA) specialized in the broadcast media have business history of more than 20 years, and we present cargo transport and travel services for our customers..
Main items of our cargo are expensive precision instruments related to the broadcast media such as moview machinery and materials, picture editing device and coverage apparatus for urgent news, etc., and especially we have hadsupport in the field where specialty and emergency are required. As for travel services, we have24 hour ticketing service for 365 days and urgent correspondence, so that we have the systemable to correspond, even if an unexpected situation occurs. We do our best to serve you by improving service quality based on our long experienced knowledge.

Explanation of Our Cargo Transport

The concept of our cargo transport is not only just to transport cargo where to where ( forexample airport to airport), the goal of the concept is transport services matched smoothlywith customer's requirements of before and after transport, enoughly understanding what the characteristic and the purpose of the item are.
Our transport services are not only air transport, but we deal with sea and land transport as well as packing, storage, job site work, and what customers do is just to call our service desk and ask us all these related duties. Not only general cargo transport, we make our best service to all customer's requirements such as project items, exhibitions, events, art and super pre-cision machinery.

Explanation of International Network

We join Forwarders' Association FFSI http://www. ffsintl.net/ having history of more than 30 years, and have connection with 69 countries, regions and 96 agents. In addition to the agent network, we have connection with many agents specialized in ship's parts specialty, media specialty, motor sports specialty and large precision machinery.